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 你更喜欢公司或者政府的工作You prefer corporate or government jobs.,他们通常都有完整的档案There's usually a complete dossier.,让你有时间做计划They allow time for planning.,做计划是因为他们通常都喜欢低调Planning because typically they prefer low profile.,低调更安全Low profile is safer.,低调很少引起骚动Low profile makes almost no ripple.,低调不引人注意Low profile is unspectacular.,有时候时间是个问题Time can become an issue.,你可能需要快速行事You may have to hasten things along.,你的训练让你的呼吸放缓Your training lets you slow your breathing,,让你的心跳减慢lets you calm your heart.,施加两磅的压力 然后…Two pounds of pressure and...,但有组织的犯罪喜欢正式声明But organized crime likes a visible statement.,让他们知道你在那里 比如寄一封血书Let them know you were there. Send a message written in blood.,这种雇主给你的信息通常只有名字With this employer, you rarely get more than a name,,有时候连名字也没有sometimes not even that.,这会增加风险 也会增加费用It adds to the risk, and it adds to the fee.,但你知道高费用又增加了风险But you know there's a risk in that too.,有组织犯罪的另一个风险:The other risk with organized crime:,它会制造敌人it creates enemies.,经验告诉你 在搜光他的钱Experience has taught you she won't call for help,并穿上内裤之前until she's vacuumed up his cash,她是不会打电话求助的and has at least slipped on her panties.,不慌不忙是最重要的It's vital that you show no urgency.,你相信你的计划和准确性You trust your planning, your accuracy.,再过两分钟 她会打给前台Two minutes until she calls the front desk.,花15到30秒 能找到值班经理Fifteen to 30 seconds to get the manager on duty,,值夜班的低级讨厌鬼some low-level schlump working the graveyard shift.,他会打给他的老板 或者安保负责人He'll call either his boss or the head of security.,两种人都在家睡觉Both will be home sleeping.,电话铃每六秒响一声The phone rings once every six seconds.,通常响四声后 值班的才清醒过来去接Typically it will ring four times before they're conscious enough to answer.,这又是18秒That's another 18 seconds.,再过一分钟 警察会被派出Another minute before police are dispatched.,在城市的这个位置 警察会在三分钟内到达In this part of the city, police should arrive in under three minutes.,你是一个专业人士You're a professional...,一个致力于 时间精确度和准确度的专家an expert devoted to timing and precision.,一个大师A virtuoso.,电影片名:大师 翻译:Q,你要让工具保持良好状态You keep your tools in pristine condition.,完美需要准确Perfection demands precision.,准确需要毅力Precision demands perseverance.,你要尽量离群索居You live off the grid as much as possible.,不留下关于自己的任何痕迹You leave no trace of your real self.,你是个影子You're a shadow.,你隐藏好自己的真实身份You keep your true identity protected.,你不使用美国邮政服务You avoid the US Postal Service,使用独立公司运营的信箱and open a mailbox run by an independent company.,没有名字No names.,没有痕迹No trail.,你确保雇佣你的程序足够复杂You make sure the process to engage you,能够保证你匿名is complex enough to preserve your anonymity.,你也许会错过一些委托You might miss out on some assignments.,但你把它看成是做生意的成本You see it as the cost of doing business.,不过你会把自己的价格 设置到足够弥补成本However, you set your fee compensate.,你认出了这个密码You recognize the code.,讲Go.,你违反了我们订的协议You're outside established protocol.,就这一次This is a one-off.,之后我们还是按程序办事And afterwards, we'll return to procedure.,这次时间很紧It's a short time frame.,-有多紧? -48小时- How short? - Forty-eight hours.,没多少时间可以计划了Not much time to plan.,这是个意外It's an accident.,值得吗?Is it worth it?,值双倍I'm seeing double.,让我说明白吧 非常明白Let me be clear. Crystal clear.,对于这个费用…For this fee...,它很微妙it is delicate.,客户要求有特殊的结果Special outcome demanded by client.,-明白 -很好- Understood. - Good.,我就知道你能理解 我们可是老交情了I knew you would. We go back a long way.,不要让我难堪Do not put me in a bad position.,事成后打给我Call me when it's done.,细节?Details?,你今天可以四处打听一下You can inquire discretely today...,就在6:32at 6:32.,六 三 二Six, three, two.,(CEO证管会诉讼案撤诉),你要把它做得像意外You need to make it look like an accident.,总的来说 你不介意额外的复杂性You don't mind the added complexity in general.,但要把事情做好 你需要时间来计划But to do it right, you need more time to plan.,而且不能上新闻头条And to add to it, no headlines.,(对CEO的起诉 被巡回法院法官撤案),要安静Quiet.,一个计划在你的脑子里形成A plan forms in your head.,你要在50米外You have to hit a two-inch moving target,击中一个在时速100公里的车上的 五厘米目标on a car going 60-plus miles per hour from 50 yards away.,你只有一枪的机会And you only get one shot.,爆炸轮胎会导致车辆突然右转The blown tire should pull him sharply to the right.,他会过度反向打方向盘 这会让他撞上这栋楼He'll overcorrect, which should cause him to hit this very building.,太仓促了 你也知道It's rushed. You know that.,你希望有更多时间You wish you had more time.,但这是个计划 只能这样了But it's a plan. It'll have to do.,你知道规矩You know the rules.,不要着急Do not rush.,不要犹豫Do not hesitate.,嘿 妈妈Hey, Mom..
    妈妈 这里 传球Mom! Here, pass!,好 踢过来Okay, kick it over.,不错啊 妈妈Nice one, Mom.,不要分心Do not get distracted.,小心Careful.,没事 我能拿到I got it. Don't worry. I got it.,不要质疑Do not question.,小心!Look out!,妈妈!Mom!,妈妈!Mom! Mom!,-快报警! -老天啊!- Call the police! - Oh, my God!,快报警!Somebody call 911!,放松Relax.,只有我It's only me.,你父亲是名优秀的战士Your father was a good soldier.,-你说过了 -这是事实- So you've said. - It's a fact.,你也是And you too.,从勋章就能看出来So the medals say.,这算是子承父业It's a family business.,你不接电话 所以我觉得应该在这里能找到你I figured that I might find you here since you don't answer the phone.,-我需要些时间 -我理解- I needed some time. - I understand.,到目前为止 你一直是完美无瑕的Till now, you were perfect, on point.,这次是我给你的时间太紧了 我知道 但是没有别的办法I rushed you, I know. Couldn't be helped.,是我的错 不是你的It's on me, not you.,是啊Yeah.,这是附带损伤 时有发生Collateral damage. It happens.,你知道的You know that.,这次不是在阿玛利亚This is not Amarijah.,我知道那里发生了什么I know what happened there.,孩子 你不该让这种事打垮你You shouldn't let this stuff get to you, kid.,我没有I'm not.,这不是你的错It's not your fault.,你父亲跟你说过粉村*的事吗? 注:越南美莱村 因人口稠密在地图上用用红色表示 被美军成为“粉村” 发生过美军对当地平民的屠杀事件Did your father ever tell you about Pinkville?,没有 他从来没提过No. Never spoke of it.,这不意外Ah, that's not surprising.,粉村是我和你老爸相遇的地方That's where we met, you know... Pinkville. Me and your old man.,我们当时还是小伙子 刚出新兵营We were just young kids, fresh out of boot camp.,一天晚上 长官们跟我们说:One night, the officers told us,,“明天你们就会遭遇敌人 一个营的越南佬"Tomorrow you'll meet the enemy, a whole battalion of gooks,,越共的 就是他们杀了你们的…Viet Cong, who killed your...,朋友 你们的亲人 你们的家人friends, your relatives, who'd kill your, uh, family,如果有机会 他们还会强奸你们的姐妹”and rape your sister if they could.",所以我们这些孩子开始吸大麻 长官们喝酒So, we kids, we toked it up, and the officers, they just drank it up,,因为他们…because, you know, they were...,他们说 这是在让我们做好准备they were preparing us, as they say.,所以我们准备好了So we were prepared and...,我们凌车三点起床 跳上直升机we woke at 3:00 a.m., jumped on those choppers and...,出发了we took off...,要么杀人 要么被杀to kill or be killed.,如果想一想的话 真的很简单It's really simple when you think about it.,但是当我们终于到了之后Only, finally, when we got there,,发现情报消息很不准 当然通常都不准already the intelligence was bad, because usually it was.,因为那里没有地方火力 根本没有任何火力Because there was no hostile fire. There was no fire at all, really.,那里只有老人There were just old men,,妇女和儿童women and children,,坐在篝火旁煮米饭 准备早餐sitting around fires, heating their rice, ready for breakfast.,长官们就把这些老人、妇女、儿童So, the officers, they just gathered up all these...,集合在一起the old men and the women and the children,,甚至把他们的猪、狗和猫也赶到一起even their pigs and their dogs and their cats and, uh...,把他们都推到壕沟里pushed them into ditches.,然后命令我们 命令我和你爸爸And, uh, they ordered us, me and your old man,,去…射杀他们to, um, plug them.,所以我们照办了 一梭又一梭子弹So we did. Clip after clip after clip.,我们就像两台机器 盯着对方 一直开火 然后…Like a couple of automats staring at each other, just firing and...,这样我们就不用看目标So we couldn't see the target,,看不到那些鲜血和…大屠杀the blood and the... carnage.,直到我们停火Until we stopped firing.,然后 最邪恶的是And then, as bad as that was,,结束后 我们开始在濠沟旁吃午饭when it was over, we started to have lunch right there near the ditches.,离那些尸体和恶臭And, you know, maybe 10, 15 feet away from the bodies,,也就只有三五米远from the stench and the groaning.,突然我们听到一个声音 呻吟或者叫声Anyway, suddenly we hear this noise. It was a whine or a squeal or something.,也许是一头猪的声音Maybe it was one of their pigs.,所以我们都走到壕沟边上 这是我们第一次往下看So, we all go to the top of the ditch and we look in for the first time.,那…呃…And it's, um...,那不是猪 不是 先生This ain't no pig. No, sir.,是一个小男孩It's a little boy,,大概两三岁two, maybe three, tough to say.,他母亲一定是把他搂在怀里挡着But his mother must've sheltered him with her own body.,他太小了 不知道应该撞装死 傻孩子And he was too young to know that he should've just played dead, stupid kid.,现在整个中队都在看着他So the whole squad is watching him now,,用小手小脚在尸体堆上爬uh, crawling on tiny hands and feet over dead bodies,,也许下面就是他全家probably his whole family.,然后 我们没有人动And then, uh, none of us is moving.,我们就那么看着We're just watching.,也许在默默给他加油Maybe just rooting for the kid.,直到他爬到最上面 开始朝丛林跑去Till he gets to the top and he starts running away towards the jungle.,丛林The jungle.,我们还是没有动And still none of us moves.,然后那个人 那个长官 那个中尉And then this little guy, this officer, this lieutenant,,他朝我们跑来 手里还拿着口粮he comes running up to us and he's still finishing his K rations.,他看到我们都看向树林那边And he sees all of us staring at the tree line,,然后他看到了那个孩子 大概在30米外 还在跑and then he sees the kid, maybe 30 yards away, still going.,然后他看看我和你爸爸 他说:“干掉他”And he looks at me, and he looks at your old man, and he says, "Plug him.",他指着那个孩子:“干掉他Pointing at the kid. "Plug him.,射死他”Shoot him.",我看着你爸爸 他也看着我So, I look at your old man and he looks at me, and...,我能清楚地看出来 他做不到 他已经到极限了I can see clear as day in his eyes, he can't, he's done.,所以我回头看着中尉So I look back to this lieutenant,,看着那个冷血的狗娘养的人渣this heartless little motherfucking prick of a human fucking being...,他看着我 笑了and he looks at me and he smiles.,他指着那个孩子说:“该死 快干掉他He points at the kid, he said, "Plug him, Goddamn it.......

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