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 艾伦 我是 杰里·海德勒,Aaron,已经有一段时间了,It's been a while.,你得来这儿,You need fo be here.,参加葬礼,For the funeral.,《基瓦拉自杀的谋杀犯,婴儿幸存》,卢克的葬礼,Luke's funeral.,卢克和你都撒谎了\n 到葬礼来,我们在等你,We're expecting you.,天气预报,Woman on radio: Weather forecast.,还是没有要下雨的迹象,Once again,干旱状况仍在持续,with continuing drought conditions,整个州都有火灾危险,and ongoing fire danger across the state.,涸镇 缉凶,相关新闻…,In related news...,近70%的地区已经宣布干旱,Man on radio: Almost 70% is now drought-declared.,偏远地区正在接受干旱援助,Regional areas are receiving drought assistance,州政府称 虽然影响有限,from the state government,但农业社群要与最坏的情况作斗争…,as farming communities struggle with the worst...,这个夏天全国,Woman on radio: ..Communities across the country,各地的社群将准备迎接,are bracing for another dangerous,又一个丛林火灾高发季,bushfire season this summer.,森林火灾和自然灾害研究中心称,The bushfire and natural hazards research centre,一个较热的冬天以及…,says a hot winter and...,澳大利亚偏远地区 基瓦拉,距近一次下雨已过324天,你不会是个电视记者吧?,You're not one of them TV journalists,不 我是卢克的老朋友,No,该死的悲剧,Bloody tragic.,今天早上我们在悲伤中聚在一起,We gather this morning in sadness,在这个充满麻烦和毁灭性干旱的时节,in this time of trouble and devastating drought.,我们来此悼念凯伦和比利…,We come to honour the lives of Karen and Billy...,以及卢克的离去,And Luke.,这又是一个艰难的时刻,This is yet another hardship,而我们的社群必须团结在一起,through which our community must bond together.,我们心怀悲伤 但同时也心怀承诺地,We do so with sadness,一起祈祷,As we pray together,以圣父 圣子,in the name of the father and of the son,以及圣灵之名…,and of the holy spirit...,- 动起来! - 快点 快点!,- Girl: Move! - Boy: Come on,- 接着 格雷琴 - 哦 谢谢,- Catch,这真够漂亮的 快点,Boy: This is bloody beautiful. Hurry up.,嫉妒了?,Jealous?,说得像真的一样 格雷琴,As if,- 艾莉嫉妒了! - 哦!,- Ellie's jealous! - Oh!,你看起来糟透了,You look like shit.,你好吗 格雷琴?,How are you,我还是不敢相信,I still can't believe it.,我还在想你会不会来呢,I was wondering if you'd be here.,当然 不然我还能去哪?,Yeah,来吧 芭柏和 杰里预定了大厅,Come on. Barb and Gerry have booked the hall.,每个人都在做三明治,Everyone's been making sandwiches.,嘿 拉奇!注意点!.
    Hey,对 卢克说你有个孩子,Aaron: Yeah,他说过?,Did he?,可怜的小东西 他和比利在同一个班,Poor little thing. He's in the same class as Billy.,我不知道该怎么跟一个孩子解释…,I don't know how you're meant to explain to a kid how...,卢克跟你说什么了吗?,Did Luke say anything to you?,没,No.,我本想给他打个电话的,You know,但 你也知道 就再没有…,but,你不用找借口 我们都感到内疚,You don't need to make excuses. We all feel guilty.,我把这些放这,I'll just put these over here.,我们想感谢你们所有人,Barb: We just wanted to thank you all,今天来到这里,for coming here today,来… 来向凯伦和比利致敬,to... to pay your respects to Karen and to Billy.,发生的事很糟糕,What's happened has been a terrible thing,但希望你们最终,but we hope that eventually,能记住卢克以前的样子,you'll be able to remember Luke the way he was before.,他是你们很多人的朋友,He was a friend to many of you,他爱他自己的家人,and he loved that family of his.,对 直到他把他们都宰了,Man: Yeah,噢 现在别这样,Gretchen: Oh,嘿 我来喝酒是为孩子和凯伦的 好吗?,Hey,不是纪念一个杀人犯,Not celebrate a murderer.,- 噢 - 闭嘴 格兰特,- Barb: Oh! - Gretchen: Shut up,你他妈最好永远别再这样做,Not now,- 喂! - 你管那叫跑步?,- Boy: Oi! - Girl: Call that running?!,- 快点! - 艾伦!,- Come on! - Aaron!,- 呜呼! - 呜呼! 快点 卢克!,- Ellie: Whoo-hoo! - Whoo-hoo! Come on,嘿 格雷琴,Luke: Whoo! Hey,你怎么这么慢?,Gretchen: What took you so long?,艾莉,Luke: Ellie.,退后 玛尔,Policeman: Stay back,艾莉?,Ellie?,这是夏洛特,Barb: This is Charlotte.,哦 她还在适应婴儿食品呢,Oh,她就是停不下来 是吗 亲爱的?,And she's so restless,对了 哦…,There we are. Oh...,杰里说我在玫瑰上浪费水了,Barb: Gerry says I waste water on the roses.,只是洗完澡之后的一桶水而已,Oh,它们还挂着呢,They're still hanging on.,- 嘿 杰里 - 亚伦,Aaron: Hey,坐,Barb: Sit down.,你们俩应付得怎么样?,How are you both coping?,谢谢你的关心,Well,大多数来这里的人,Most people who come here,都不敢直视我们的眼睛 对吧 杰里?,can't even look us in the eye,很明显 卢克没有干那种事,Obviously,他不会的 你也知道,He wouldn't,他不会这样对自己,He wouldn't do it to himself,也肯定不会对那个美丽的家庭做这种事,and he certainly wouldn't do it to that beautiful family.,这就是为什么我们…,And that's why we've...,我们一直在想你能不能帮我们......

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