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起源号 Origin(第3集)中英字幕下载

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 有人从这个房间出去了Someone got out of this cell.,我们还不能确定We can't know that for certain.,你自己说的 一共十个乘客 只有九具尸体You said it yourself. Ten passengers,我们得找到他们We need to find them.,等等Wait.,等等Wait!,我们应该先回去告诉其他人We should head back first. Tell the others.,我们没时间了We don't have time.,如果跑出来的人被这东西感染了If someone's out here and they're infected with this thing,对大家都是威胁they're a danger to everyone.,我们该怎么找啊How are we supposed to find them?,我们对这附近又不了解We don't know our way around.,这东西是50号房里的 他们留下了踪迹This is stuff from Cell 50. They left a trail.,我看不到别的了I can't see anymore.,拉娜 看那边Lana,瞬 看Shun,他们上去了They went up.,我们得把每层都搜一遍We have to search every level.,第四层Ring 4.,这里Here.,拉娜Lana.,这就是我们醒过来时的那层This is the level we woke up on.,他们就在我们身边So they were near us,我们却不知道吗and we didn't even know?,也许知道Maybe we did.,他们可能是我们其中的任何一个人They could look like any one of us.,你当时在房间外面You were outside the cell.,我们都在外面We were both outside.,- 我当时在求助 - 真会编- I was looking for help. - Convenient.,- 把枪拿开 - 不- Get that gun out of my face. - No.,我不是骗子I am not a liar.,那就证明一下啊Then prove it.,我和你在同一个地方醒的I woke up in the same place as you.,我怎么知道这是不是真的How am I supposed to know that?,我们彼此都是陌生人We're all strangers here.,我们又要怎么证明自己没被感染呢How are any one of us supposed to prove that we're not infected?,雷伊Rey.,她知道谁从那个房间出来了She knows who came out of that cell.,如果逃出来的那个人真在我们当中的话 她能认出来If the person who escaped really is among us,她可以知道She'll know.,要是你说的是对的话 这会置她于危险之中If you're right,她能挺下去吗Is she gonna make it?,我不知道I don't know.,加油 雷伊 我们需要你Come on,爸爸Papa.,爸爸Papa!,早上好 船员们Good morning,现在是世界标准时间上午八点整It's 8:00 a.m. UTC,今天的起床乐是贝多芬第七交响曲and today's wake-up call is Beethoven's 7th.,特么的赶紧起床吧Now,我有点情不自禁I can't help it.,我每天早上都想 已经I think it every morning. It's been...,你说什么呢What are you talking about?,那个星球星体表面有一场能装下三个地球的风暴There's a storm on its surface that could fit three Earths inside,你还拿它跟弹珠比吗and you wanna compare it to a marble?,我叫它超大号弹珠I said "big-ass marble.",看到了吗See?,超大号的弹珠Big-ass marble.,查房后来找我 好吗Find me after cell checks,去吧 宝贝Fly,警告 乘客紧急警报Alert. Passenger Code Blue.,19号休眠仓响起了紧急警报I have a Code Blue on Cell 19.,乘客似乎出现了轻微的肌肉痉挛Passenger seems to be suffering minor muscle spasms.,有一个医生在第四层 我这就派他过去There's a doctor on Ring 4. We'll send him across.,谢谢Thank you.,雷伊管理员Officer Rey.,我是泰勒医生I'm Dr. Taylor.,- 发生了什么 - 我不知道 他突然开始抽搐- What happened? - I don't know. He just started twitching.,他血液里氧气含量过高There's too much oxygen in his bloodstream.,- 过多 - 这叫高氧症- Too much? - It's called "hyperoxia.",如果持续时间过长 就会导致氧气中毒If there's an excess for too long,没事 没事了It's all right. It's all right.,你没事了You're okay.,没事的It's okay.,你没事了You're all right.,好了 他稳定了 但每过几个小时都要来看一次Okay,至少接下来几天要这样At least for the next couple of days.,几个小时 即便是晚上吗Every few hours? Even through the night?,- 怎么了 有问题吗 - 没有- Why,我只是觉得如果乘客需要这种程度的照料的话I just thought that if a passenger needed that level of care,应该就是你的责任了it'd be your responsibility.,但你是这座休眠仓的负责人You're the Rep for this cell.,我还以为你想和患者多接触一下呢I'd have thought you want to stay close to a sick passenger.,这个要求太过了吗Is it too big an ask?,杨Young?,太阳风的风力趋近于零了Solar winds are almost at zero.,舰长 我们即将接近日光层的边缘Captain,女士们先生们 我们已经到达了星际空间的边缘Ladies and gentlemen,我们很快就将进入超光速飞行状态 请大家牢记We move into activation soon. Now remember,人类的躯体是无法承受超光速飞行的The human body is not designed to travel faster than light.,但飞船可以This ship is.,请遵守规定Follow the rules.,休眠仓管理员 请注意 先为你们的乘客做好准备Cell Reps,然后自己也准备好then yourself.,- 你还好吗 - 嗯 我没事- You okay? - Yeah,全部引擎即将激活The Fu Drive will be activated shortly.,塞壬公司全体员工祝您超光速旅途平安All of us at SIREN wish you a safe journey into light speed.,救我Help me!.
    救救我Help me!,救命Help!,有人吗Hello?,有人在吗Anyone here?,有人吗Hello?,嘿 冷静Hey,- 没事的 - 怎么了- It's okay. - What's going on?,为什么我不能睁眼Why can't I open my eyes?,当你撞到头的时候 你把休眠仓四周的密封层弄坏了When you hit your head,虽然裂缝不大 但恐怕你的眼睛暴露在外了几秒The crack was minuscule,什么意思What does that mean?,超光速飞行还处于起步阶段FTL travel is still in its infancy.,我们不知道这会对你身体造成什么影响We don't fully understand how it impacts the body.,我失明了吗Am I blind?,我已经尽可能快地对你采取了治疗I treated you as quickly as I could.,我特么是盲了吗Am I fucking blind?,我不知道I don't know.,- 你眼睛的康复需要时间 然后 - 然后呢- Your eyes need time to heal. And then... - And then?,到时我们就知道了Then we'll find out.,喂 有人能听见吗Hello. Can anyone hear me?,拉娜 我是亨利Lana. Henri.,亨利 你得确保没人能找到雷伊Henri,她可能有危险 我们马上就到We think she might be in danger. We're on our way.,不要说出他的秘密Just keep her secret,现在可能有点晚了It might be a little late for that.,我们很热情好客的Thought we'd be good citizens.,你要说什么Ah-ah-ah. What do you say?,把水给我 混蛋Give me the water,给Here.,我已经喝了一点了I already drank some.,再喝一点Drink some more.,你找到船员了吗Did you find any of the crew?,嗯 在50号房间的工程师们Sure did. Some engineer in Cell 50,结果身体被洞穿turned up with a hole in her gut.,什么What?,她在哪Where is she?,在医学中心In the medical center.,他们想救她一命They're trying to save her life.,迈一大步Okay. And big step.,我们在哪Okay,19号房间你的故地Cell 19. Your old haunt.,我们就不能去食堂吗Can't we go to the canteen or something?,我把你带出去就违背了规矩了I'm breaking the rules by taking you out at all.,好吧Okay.,第一个隔离舱First pod.,记得谁在里面就给你加五分Five points if you can remember who's inside.,亚裔女性A woman,没错 给你加五分That's the one. Five points to you.,你给她起名字了吗So,我把所有乘客都起了名字I named all my passengers.,每天都见 我想感觉我有点了解他们I see them every day. I want to feel like I know them a little.,真的很奇特It's amazing,这里的所有人资源抛弃所有开始新的生活Everyone in here willing to leave everything behind and start a new life.,第六舱的这个人呢And how about this guy? Pod 6.,第六舱Pod 6...,- 棕色头发 - 没错- Brown hair? - That's the one.,他应该是逃难的皇族I reckon he's runaway royalty.,有的是钱 但是没心没肺Bottomless pockets,7号隔离舱And pod number 7.,白人 感觉是贩毒的Hmm. Caucasian guy. He looks like a drug dealer.,他应该是教会的I reckon he looks spiritual.,- 神父 - 同性恋神父- Priest. - Gay priest.,对自己的性取向充满怀疑和内疚Ravaged by doubt and guilt about his own sexuality.,为了寻求新的开始逃离了教堂Fled the church in search of a new beginning.,但是可怜的唐纳德不知道西亚那里全是漂亮的男人Yeah,你还会笑啊She can laugh.,听着Look,很抱歉我们遇见的时候对你不友善I'm sorry I came down so hard on you when we first met.,没事 你说的也不全错It's okay. You weren't completely off target.,我爸爸My dad,生病了He's sick.,我离开他的时候就病了 我都不知道他是不是还活着Or he was when I left. I mean,很抱歉I'm sorry.,在我I knew when I...,对它他说再见的时候我就知道 他会受苦的 但是When I said goodbye to him,我还是走了But I went.,我看着隔离舱的乘客要不行了 我When I saw the passenger in the pod failing,我不知道 这就提醒了我该去哪I don't know,做我们这行 我们都得抛弃一些东西Doing what we're doing,你们呆这么久我会被解雇的You're going to get me fired with all these long visits,好了 我们走吧All right. All right,晚安Good night,- 我给你带了个礼物 - 真的吗- I brought you a gift. - Really?,圣诞礼物For Christmas.,不是什么特殊的东西It's nothing special.,可以消磨你的时间Thought it might pass some time.,- 抱歉 我不该 - 没事- Sorry,谢谢Thank you.,圣诞节快乐 雷Merry Christmas,恩Okay.,睁开眼睛Open your eyes.,我要是什么也看不见了怎么办What if I can't see anything?,到时候再说 但是我们需要知道We'll deal with it,雷Rey...,我能看到你I can see you.,- 你能吗 - 是的- You can? - Yes.,- 几根手指 - 2- How many fingers? - Two.,- 现在呢 - 4- How about now? - Four.,- 两只眼睛都能看到吗 - 嗯- Both eyes? - Yeah.,这只眼睛有点模糊 但是两只眼睛都能看到I mean,我应该不能跟我的病人拥抱Uh,你知不知道只有8千人看见过这部分宇宙吗Do you know that only 8......

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