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起源号 Origin(第4集)中英字幕下载

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 等等Wait.,你是说我们的航程不受影响So you're saying that we're good to go?,我们能到达西亚星That we're gonna make it to Thea?,我不会再说第二遍了I physically cannot repeat myself again.,太他妈的好了Well,- 埃里克 - 谁- Eric. - What?,这东西的王人Guy who owned this.,他说这是他的名字He said that was his name.,- 你要去哪儿 - 找间浴室- Where are you going? - To find a bathroom.,罗根 我觉得你不该一个人去Logan,我不会死我现在有药了I'm not gonna drop dead,不过请尽情骚扰我But feel free to keep fussing.,他来过这里Came this way.,你要杀了他吗Are you going to kill him?,你他妈干什么what the fuck are you doing?,救命啊Help!,你们听见了吗Did you guys hear that?,不No!,妈的God damn it.,离他远点Get away from him.,他在哪Where is he?,瞬Shun!,该死Fuck!,妈的Shit.,他这是怎么回事What happened to him?,埃里克袭击了他Eric,你说袭击是什么意思What do you mean "attacked"?,我不知道I don't know.,他想要掐死他He tried to strangle him.,- 他的眼睛在流血 - 埃里克- He was crying blood. - Eric?,你说什么I'm sorry,他的眼睛里有东西There was something in his eye.,我觉得是活的I think it was alive.,第十环形区Ring 10.,你确定他在这一层吗Are you sure he's on this level?,按键上有血迹He left blood on the button.,- 我们走 - 等等- Let's go. - Wait.,你在干什么What're you doing?,这他妈是什么鬼东西What the fuck is that thing?,我也不知道I have no idea.,来吧 来吧 来吧Come on,好 好 好Okay,- 我是种慢性病 - 是的- I'm a chronic disorder? - Yes.,我会感染神经组织I affect nerve tissue?,感染脊髓The spinal cord?,对Yes!,我会感染眼睛吗Do I affect the eyes?,会的Yes.,我是视神经脊髓炎吗Am I Neuromyelitis Optica?,也叫做德维克病Otherwise known as Devic's Disease.,答对了Yes!,是的 答对了Yes,我读过你写的关于链终止抑制剂的论文 加斯纳博士I read your paper on chain-terminating inhibitors,非常引人入胜It was fascinating.,我本来想介绍自己 但你似乎已经对我了如指掌了I'd introduce myself,我是劳拉卡斯曼 我为政府工作Laura Kassman. I'm with the government.,我受宠若惊I'm flattered.,没想到政府的人会上门找人或是像现在这样上酒吧找人Didn't think you guys made house calls or bar calls,我想在你熟悉的地方和你见面I wanted to see you in your natural habitat.,我在寻找一个专攻你这个方向的基因学家I'm looking for a geneticist with your specialism.,一个无时无刻都全身心投入工作的人Someone who lives and breathes his work.,你说的就是我了You are looking at him.,所以这就是被雷伊打瘸了被瞬弄死的人了So this is the guy Rey crippled and Shun killed,因为他感染了那个让埃里克发疯的东西对吗because he was infected with whatever made Eric crazy?,我只是给大家陈述了一下事实Just wanted everyone to hear that out loud.,他们都是从50号舱中出来的They both came out of Cell 50.,那里面的其他人都死了Everyone else in there is dead.,只是又多了具尸体对吗Just racking up the corpses,我以为当务之急是阻止埃里克I don't understand. I thought the priority was stopping Eric.,之前是It was.,但是亨利 我们可能发现了些什么But Henri... We think we found something.,门关上Keep the doors closed,你一定要和他们去吗Do you have to go with them?,我想帮亨利I wanna help Henri.,事情搞清楚之前Don't let them hurt Eric.,别让他们伤害埃里克Not until we understand what's going on.,她要去哪Where's she going?,你不需要担心You don't need to worry about it.,泰勒的事我很抱歉I'm sorry about Taylor.,阿比盖尔说你认识他Abigail said that you knew him.,你们很熟吗Were you close?,我爱他I was in love with him.,我一直在想我本可以救他的I keep thinking I could have saved him.,我本该阳止他去50号舱的I should have stopped him going to Cell 50.,我不知道该怎么办I don't know how to do this.,我的心已死A part of me is just gone.,会好起来的 一定会的It will start to repair. It always does.,给我点什么吧Just give me something.,给我点能让我忘记的东西吧Just give me anything that will make me forget.,给Here.,慢点Slowly,- 他要干什么 - 我不知道What's he gonna do? Logan: I don't know.,这是我们能找到的所有东西了This is everything we could find.,应该就是这个了Thought it might be that.,所有人后退Everyone back.,那他妈的是什么东西What the hell is that thing?,激光截肢刀Amputation laser.,把它对着尸体医生Keep it pointing at the body.
    放到轮椅上 麻烦了Gurney,数三下 123On three. One,你给他切开You're gonna cut him open.,等等 什么Wait,我得看看里面I need to look inside.,我得呆在这儿吗Do we have to be here?,你跟我们在一起的话会更安全It's safer if you stay with us.,得有人来把他的头扶正Someone needs to keep him upright.,门都没有No chance.,别弄到我的手指就好Just don't get my fingers.,我不饿I'm not hungry.,吃吧Eat.,我需要你头脑清醒I need you sober for this.,你还需要签一个保密协议And you'll need to sign an NDA.,欢迎加斯纳博士 参观愉快Welcome,开始分析Commencing analysis.,绘制基因组Mapping genome.,这些都是最顶级的设备It's all top-of-the-range.,没想到我们在南非还有这样的I didn't think we had labs like this.,实验室In South Africa.,你在这里到底是做什么的What exactly do you do here?,主要是国家安全事务Matters of national security,特别任务Special assignments. .,不幸的是我们最近的项目 可以说是遭遇瓶颈了Unfortunately,所以你才来找我That's why you came to me.,你是基因靶向系统的专家You're an expert in DNA-targeted systems.,我知道你的关注点是设计基因来治疗罕见疾病对吗I understand your focus is designing them to treat rare diseases,更复杂一点但基本是这个意思It's a little more complicated,结果将在Results due in one...,我们在用一样的技术We're using the same technology,但我们想让它往反方向走only we want it to do the opposite.,我们希望通过定向改变个别基因中的特定单元We want to target specific cells in an individual's DNA,来引发疾病and trigger a disease.,为什么Why?,乔康尼亚Jokonya?,在他掌权之后Since his rise to power,成千上万的难民涌向国界线hundreds of thousands of refugees have poured across the border,从他掌控的国家逃到我们我们这里fleeing his country into ours.,他们都很绝望 也都需要食物和住处All of them desperate,我们还没准备好应该对这种程度的危机We're simply not equipped for this level of crisis.,你是说政府无力承担这些开销吗You mean the government can't afford the cost?,这些人要死了 加萨纳博士People are dying,不出一年 这里就会出现饥荒In less than a year,然后就会暴乱 最后爆发内战hen there'll be rioting,除非能阻止乔康尼亚Unless Jokonya is stopped.,你们想暗杀他吗You want to assassinate him?,没这么简单 但差不多是这个意思It's a little more complicated,如果乔康尼亚政权运转下去If Jokonya's regime continues,南非将会分崩离析South Africa will come apart at the seams.,我们需要一种很难追查的武器We need an untraceable weapon.,一种永远也查不到我们头上的武器Something that can never be tracked back to us.,我们这是在牺牲一个人We're trying to save hundreds of thousands of lives.,拯救千万人At the cost of one.,我的天Jesus Christ!,天呐 这什么东西God,我们在50号房也见过这种东西We saw it in Cell 50.,那里整个屋子都是这玩意The whole place was covered in it.,我的天Oh,这特么是什么玩意What the fuck is that thing?,我的天呐 它还活着吗Jesus Christ. Is it still alive?,没有 我觉得它在分解No,你觉得吗You think?,等等 你要做什么Wait,我们应该把尸体扔进太空中We gotta blast the body into space.,对吧 赶紧扔了它Right? Get rid of it.,你知道这意味着什么吗Do you understand what this is?,这是我们第一次接触这东西We're looking at first contact.,去他妈的第一次接触Fuck first contact.,之前有一个那玩意想钻进我的脑袋One of those things tried to squirm inside my head.,如果我们毁了它If we destroy it,就失去了所有了解它的可能we lose all capacity to understand...,我们不需要了解它We don't need to understand it.,是它让泰克有杀人的冲动 还有一个活的在艾瑞克体内That sent Taylor homicidal,我们要做的就是杀了它What we need is to kill it.,我们不知道这种生物的能力是什么We have no idea what this creature is capable of.,以及它怎么死的都不清楚Or how it dies.,是子弹把泰勒打死的Bullets worked with Taylor.,我愿意赌一次I'll hedge my bets.,- 我和你一起去 - 不 你不能去- I'm coming with you. - No,- 我没跟你商量 - 这招对我没用 拉娜- I wasn't asking. - No use to me on this,泰勒的事我判断错了I made the wrong call with Taylor.,这次不会了I won't this time.,- 我们从哪开始 - 第十层 那是他最后一次出现的地方- Where do we start? - Ring 10. That's where he was last.,能跟我们说说吗Can you tell us anything?,这是一种类昆虫的无脊椎动物It's insect-like. Invertebrate.,目前还没发现肉体有被啃食的痕迹No indication that flesh has been eaten away.,它与大脑形成了半永久性的粘合It's formed semi-permanent bonds in the brain,这让我想起了地球上的专性寄生虫reminiscent of obligate parasites on Earth.,说人话 谢谢 科学怪人English,有一些物种会通过进入宿主体内来生存和繁殖There are species that survive or reproduce by entering a host.,它们可以大幅度改变宿主的行为 有时候They can be capable of drastically altering behavior,甚至能完全控制宿主的心智entirely controlling their mental faculties.,你是说这个东西可能用同样的方式控制了泰勒吗You're saying this thing might've controlled Taylor in the same way?,要是这个生物控制着大脑的话If the creature is controlling the brain,它就能进入人的高级心理过程it's tapping into higher mental processes.,有人吗Hello?,有人在吗Please,你是谁Who is this?,薇妮莎Venisha?,艾瑞克 我不能和你说话Eric,薇妮莎 别 求你了Venisha,我不知道我怎么了I don't know what's wrong with me.......

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