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起源号 Origin(第7集)中英字幕下载

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 多谢你帮忙做饭Thanks for helping me cook.,你不用跟我来送饭的You didn't have to come on delivery duty.,你一个人四处走动不安全It's not safe to walk around alone.,再说了 我也喜欢和别人待在一起Besides,太奇怪了 上一顿饭她都没吃That's weird. She didn't take the last one.,嘿 李 你在里面吗Hey,卧槽Fuck me.,这东西看起来快能用了That thing looks almost functional.,- 差不多了 - 肯定都是因为我的功劳- Almost. - Must be all my help.,加速了维修的进程 是不是Speeding the process up,而且还不止如此呢And it doesn't stop there.,看看这个Check it out.,你说你这个小玩意没法聚光You said your gadget was having trouble focusing.,我觉得这东西可以辅助折射一下光线什么的I thought this might help refract the light,折射光线"Refract the light"?,你到底知不知道那什么意思啊Do you even know what that means?,当然 只要有光 你就可以Uh,拿它折射了 很简单的Refract it. It's simple.,照你这么说 什么事都挺简单的Not the only thing that's simple.,我又不傻 好不好 李I'm not stupid,我真的很了解机器的I do actually get machines.,我还知道你打算干嘛I also get what you're trying to do.,是么 那你教教我啊Really? Enlighten me.,好啊 这个寄生虫会破坏宿主的记忆Well,埃里克把名字忘了 泰勒把工作忘了Eric forgot his name. Taylor forgot his job.,因此 他们都丧失了记忆Ergo,现在 你手上有储存着我们全部资料的芯片Now,用这些资料 我们就可以做一个Using that,关于自己 你应该了解的十件事 的突击测试of 10 things that you should really know about yourself.,谁说不上来 谁就是1号疑似感染对象Whoever fails,你这声 嗯 我就当你在说I'll take that "Hmm" as,哇 洛根 想不到你这个糙汉子 他妈的还是个天才"Wow,所以So,- 这个芯片在哪 - 我不告诉你- Where is the chip? - I'm not telling you.,别这样 李Come on,你已经排除我的嫌疑了You've eliminated me from the lineup.,自从你拉我入伙之后 除了帮忙我啥都没做All I've done since you recruited me is fucking help.,- 因此 相信我 - 别再说 因此 了- Ergo,李 我只是想弥补之前我对你做的事Lee,我错了 好吗I'm sorry,仅此而已That's all.,那是怎么回事What was that?,李在哪呢 我们现在非常需要她Where's Lee? We could really use her on this.,我敲过门了I tried knocking.,那Well...,- 怎么了 - 我们听到的那个响声- What? - The rumble we heard,是从第十层传来的it came from Ring 10.,- 50号舱的压力正在降低 - 你知道怎么回事吗- We're losing pressure in Cell 50. - Do we know why?,我也不清楚I'm not sure.,除非 小行星周围的密封胶 已经开始脱落了Unless,等等 咱俩去过那儿Wait. We went down there.,你说看起来一切正常You said everything looked okay.,但我也说过这不是我的本职工作Well,听着 密封胶只是缓兵之计 懂吗Look,它能固定住小行星It holds the asteroid in place.,让环形区保持密闭 不会出现大范围的裂缝It keeps the ring airtight,那如果密封剂失效了会怎样Yeah,那就会在飞船的一侧撕开一个口子A tear in the side of the ship.,舱内压力开始降低 然后扩散到其他区域Depressurization could begin,只是一层而已It's just one ring.,这对起源号上其他部分会产生多大的影响How much would that affect the rest of the Origin?,额 这些环形区是串行工作的 如果有一个失灵了Well,就会引发 重力系统 动力系统 甚至是生命保障系统的连锁反应the problems ripple out. Gravity,你是说这东西能置我们于死地吗Are you saying this thing could kill us?,如果不及时修复的话 是的If it's not repaired,怎么阻止这一切How do we stop it?,我不知道 我不知道 抱歉I don't know. I don't know. I'm sorry. I...,这超出了我的专业范畴It's not my area of expertise.,别忘了 我们在这都是因为你Don't forget,搞定它Figure it out.,我们可以试着修补密封层边缘We can try and repair the seal.,你是说去那儿吗You mean go down there?,是的 缺口还不是很大 所以我们就补一下密封胶Yes,只要能撑到我们到西娅星就行了It only has to last us until Thea.,那就去吧Let's do it.,我确定我告诉过你别回来了吧I'm pretty sure I told you not to come back.,我感到整艘船都在震动I felt the whole ship shaking.,- 到底发生什么了 - 我们正在处理- What the hell's going on? - We're dealing with it.,真要这样 你们都不打算告诉我吗Seriously? You're not even going to fill me in?,你跟我们不是一伙的You're not one of us.,你知道么 洛根还在下面You know,要是看见他了 我们会提醒他的We'll warn him if we see him.,特么他们下去干啥Why the hell are they going down?,你觉得和刚才的响声有关吗Do you think it's got something to do with that noise?,我不知道 你应该回船员区I don't know. You should go back to the Crew's Quarters.,我想继续工作I want to keep working.,不行 可能出事了 好吗 我希望你别出事No,你是在担心我吗Are you worried about me?,你就 你就回上面去吧 好吗Just... Just go back upstairs,好吧Fine.,听你的Dad.,第10层Ring 10.,整个一层都在震动The entire ring is shaking.,天呐 操Jesus Christ! Fuck me.,你他妈在这干嘛What the fuck are you doing?,我差点就把你爆头了I could have smashed your head in.,怪我咯And that'd be my fault?,你们在这儿干嘛What are you guys doing down here?.
    试图修补50号舱的缺口Trying to stop a breach in Cell 50.,- 等等 什么 - 我们在浪费时间 快走- Wait. A what? - We're wasting time. Let's go.,等一下Hang on a sec.,天呐Jesus Christ.,我的天 这儿他妈怎么这么冷Jesus,- 戴上这个 - 你不该跟来的- Put these on. - You should go.,知道吗 也许我已经厌倦被排除在外了Yeah,也许他妈的是我连你们会补轮胎都不信Maybe I wouldn't trust you guys to patch a fucking tire,更别说是飞船上的一个洞了let alone a hole in the ship.,他想帮就帮吧 别碍事就行Let him help if he wants to. Just don't hold us up.,好了Okay,我们得重新把边缘密封一遍We need to reapply the seal around the edges.,这是密封枪 能喷出快速粘合剂 它是密封的Sealant guns. Sprays a fast adhesive. It's airtight.,你之前用过密封枪吗Have you even used these before?,我们现在开始了We're starting work,祝你们好运Good luck.,给我一个 我会用Give me one of those. I got it.,那是洛根吗Was that Logan?,我能帮忙的I can help.,出什么事了What the fuck's going on?,各位 你们动作得快点了Okay,你才该快点You work faster.,我们怎么知道补的地方是不是对的How do we know if we're covering the right areas?,补对了压力就会稳定下来The pressure will stabilize.,它会的It will.,博士Doc.,你干什么What are you doing?,好了 停下Okay,我们成功了吗Did we do it?,- 见鬼 - 怎么了- Fuck! - What?,快跑Run!,小心Look out!,不No!,该死 洛根Fuck! Logan!,洛根 洛根 洛根Logan! Logan! Logan!,它要被吸出去了 它要被吸出去了It's going to go. It's going to go!,去门那里Get to the door!,拉娜 按住伤口Lana,洛根 拉娜 听得见吗Logan! Lana! Hello?,天呐 谁出个声啊Jesus,没事的 他们不会有事的Hey. It's okay. They're going to be okay.,你又不知道 李 下面出什么事了You don't know that. Lee,是人工智能系统 它触发了自我保护机制It's the AI. It's activating its own defenses.,脱离程序启动Jettison procedure initiated.,把无线电给我Give me the radio.,快Now!,他失血过多He's losing too much blood.,- 快离开环形区 - 什么- Get out of the ring. - What?,快离开环形区Get out of the ring.,人工智能系统启动了应急程序The AI's begun emergency procedures.,它将遗弃第10层来保住飞船It's going to jettison Ring 10 to preserve the rest of the ship.,整个环形区就要脱离飞船了The whole fucking ring's going to go!,你们必须在关门前赶到气闸舱去You have to get to the airlock before the doors seal!,快走Move!,我们得走了 我们走We need to go. Let's go!,那扇门 伙计们 那扇门要关上了The doors! Guys,不 不 不No,- 不 - 该死- No! - Shit!,来人开门啊Somebody,李 把这该死的门打开 拉娜还在里面Lee,见鬼 好的 好的Shit! Okay,封锁中Lockdown in progress.,不 怎么回事No. What just happened?,它禁止我访问 我没法取消倒计时It locked me out. I can't cancel the countdown.,- 怎么回事 - 李 快开门- What's going on? - Lee,我开不了 人工智能系统把第十层的手动控制给锁死了I can't. The AI has locked out all manual control on Ring 10.,- 我们得转移他 - 好- We have to move him. - Yeah.,不然他就小命不保了He'll die if we don't.,阿比盖尔 准备好输血Abigail,凯蒂 快 我们走Katie,快点Come on.,雷伊 还有其他能从环形区回到船上的办法吗Rey,所有通往飞船中轴的门都被锁死了All doors to the spine will have sealed.,- 该死 - 对不起- Fuck! - I'm sorry.,李会找到办法的 她也必须找到Lee will find a way. She has to.,我得把洛根带走I need to take Logan.,去吧 去吧Go. Go!,亨利 我们得走了 快点Henri,李 离环形区弹射出去还有多久Lee,还有不到20分钟Just under 20 minutes.,瞬Shun.,说句话啊Talk to me!,瞬Shun.,我不知道怎么把你救出来I don't know how to get you out.,肯定有办法的 你得找个办法There has to be a way. You need to find a way!,我不想死在这儿 好吗I don't want to die in here,救救我Help me.,不 不No,求你了Please.,你得帮帮我You need to help me.,求求你Please.,求求你Please.,求你救救我Please help me!,操Fuck!,你可以的You can do this.,一定有办法出去的 一定有办法出去的 拜托There has to be a way out. There has to be a way. Come on.,拜托Come on.,李 李 要是不能从环形区内部回来的话Lee. Lee,那从外面呢but what about from outside?,什么What?,环形区脱离飞船后When the ring detaches,气闸舱可以通向太空 对吧this airlock will open onto space......

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