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起源号 Origin(第8集)中英字幕下载

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 在体内Inside!,在我的 在我的In me! In me! It's in...,在我的体内It's inside!,我操What the fuck?,救命Help.,来人救救我Somebody,我的天Oh,怎么回事What happened?,我的天 洛根Oh,李怎么回事What happened to Lee?,很快你就熟悉这里了Won't take long to get your head around.,这里是主活动区 大部分老人一天都会在这里待着Main hub's in here,只用确保他们有足够的时间走到卫生间就好We just make sure they log out long enough to go to the bathroom.,不然这就乱套了 你懂的Otherwise,早八点 午十点 晚六点半开饭Meals are served at 8:00 a.m.,- 你会做饭吗 - 不会- Can you cook? - No.,没事 你很快就会学会的Well,好了Right.,每天的第一个任务First task to kick off every day.,就是清理卫生间Clean the bathrooms.,你他妈逗我吧You're fucking kidding me,第一个任务不应该是浇花之类的吗Shouldn't the first task be,你得先经受最严峻的考验Baptism of fire,那么So...,你之前是做什么的What did you do?,什么都没做Hmm. Nothing.,就是每天在镇子上瞎晃 做着美国梦Drove around downtown,好吧Okay.,我操Fuck me.,这他妈是什么鬼Whoa! What the fuck is that?,怎么了What?,之前没见过79岁的阴道吗You never seen a 79-year-old vagina before?,我没见过 我觉得没见过挺好No,你能盖住Would you please cover your...,你们年轻人不都喜欢买复古的东西吗Oh. I thought you kids paid for vintage these days.,这怎么能叫复古What? That's disgust...,请你赶紧穿上好吗Please,帮我一下Help me.,- 什么 - 帮我一下- What? - Help me.,不行 你先洗手No. No fucking way. You gotta wash your hands first.,那我也要走到水池才能洗啊I can only wash them if I get to the sink.,好吧 扶住我胳膊先All right,这么说吧 要是这种事你都受不了I've got to say. You're not going to last long here,你在这肯定待不长if something this insignificant freaks you out.,好吧 那真希望他们能开除我Great. Hopefully,哦Oh...,我的天 你干什么What? Oh,恶心死了That's disgusting,你在这一定会玩的很开心的This is gonna be fun.,我去 你有什么毛病Oh,怎么回事What the hell is going on?,在那It's in there.,我去 你还好吗Jesus! Are you okay?,这不是我的血It's not my blood.,我的天Oh,别过去Don't.,- 到底发生什么事了 - 不知道- What the hell happened? - I don't know.,我I just...,我刚醒I just woke up,她就趴在我上面and she was lying on top of me.,到处都是血There was blood everywhere.,她说She said,在里面"Inside...",什么What?,她She...,她死之前说的Before she died,在我体内"It's in me.",泰勒被感染之后就是这么说的That's what Taylor said after he'd been infected.,就像我们在50号房发现的成员一样Same as the crew member we found in Cell 50.,所以就是她了So,各位 这已经表现的很清楚了Come on,李就是个外星人 我一开始就是这么说的Lee was a fucking alien. It's what I said from the start.,不No.,不可能She can't be.,这说不通的That doesn't make any sense.,我们必须要看到它We have to see it.,这是唯一可以证明的方式It's the only way we'll know.,你在这干什么What are you doing here?,和昨天一样Cleaning up your shit.,和前天一样 清理你的东西Like I did yesterday,每天都如此and so this trend continues.,我不认识你I don't know you.,米娅 我是洛根Mia,- 米娅 我是洛根啊 - 别伤害我- Mia,- 我这一周一直在这里 - 不要- I've been here every day this week. - Please,你认识我的You know who I am!,- 别伤害我 - 嘿 帮忙- Don't hurt me. Please... - Hey,来人帮忙啊Help! Somebody help!,嘿Hey,- 没关系 - 吓到你了吧- It's okay. - Got you.,你个老东西You bitch!,我是身体退化 不是智力退化 你个傻叉I have a degenerative disease,这一点也不好玩That's not fucking funny.,我很开心就好了I'm laughing.,真是个疯婆娘Fuckin' crazy old bat.,欺负你真好玩You know,要是早几年 你正好是我喜欢的类型You would have been exactly my type,几年 应该是几十年吧A few... You mean a few decades..
    就算是那样 还是坦然面对自己吧 我绝对不是你的菜And even then,真是挑剔Hmm. Picky.,- 社工 - 你- So,你想知道我的犯了什么事吧Let me guess. You wanna know what I did.,不好意思 我真是一毛钱都不感兴趣Sorry,但是我想知道的是 过来But what I do want to know... Come here.,- 过来 - 怎么了- Come here. - What?,过来嘛Come here.,我是不是闻到了你大麻的味道Is that your marijuana I can smell?,李Lee.,对不起I'm sorry.,这样不行This is wrong.,我们必须要亲眼看到才能确定We have to see it to know for sure.,嘿Hey.,- 我懂 - 好吗- I know. - Okay?,不可能There's no way.,对吧Is there?,亨利Henri?,没有那个生物的迹象There is no sign of the creature.,她的海马体是正常的Her hippocampus is healthy!,李没有被感染Lee wasn't infected!,你他妈的能抽快点吗Would you hurry the fuck up?,我不能在社区服务期间再被罚社区服务I can't afford to get community service on top of my community service.,别像个娘们一样Oh,根本没人会注意到我们Seriously,嗯So,腿是怎么搞的What's with the legs?,你不会想听的 会让你抑郁的No. It'll depress you.,我默认就是抑郁属性My default setting is depressed.,刚刚说了 我的身体退化了Well,都是遗传病It's genetic.,突然有天就发作了 我也无能为力One day,先从脚开始 然后上升到腿First the feet,现在我的手也不怎么听使唤了Now my damn hands are starting to go.,不过大麻还是拿得住Still hold a joint,但是But,我没办法系鞋带了Can't do up my damn laces anymore.,这就是身体退化 你得服老It's fucking degrading,- 操 真是抱歉 - 我也是- Fuck. Sorry. - Ah,但还是有一线希望的But there is a silver lining.,- 是吗 - 对- Yeah? - Yep.,我的八十大寿还有298天就到了Eightieth birthday's coming up in 298 days.,怎么 你真的很喜欢过生日吗What? You actually like your fucking birthday?,生日不重要 重要的是那一天代表的意义It's not the fucking birthday,自愿安乐死Voluntary euthanasia.,嗯Mmm-hmm.,等你一到八十那道坎Yeah,加州在法律上允许你自杀state of California approves legally-assisted suicide.,所以你打算自杀吗So you're gonna kill yourself?,我可不会觉得这是自杀Well,社工 我还有什么可活的Oh,没有丈夫No husband.,膝下无子No kids.,你是觉得You think I wanna,我真喜欢在这疗养所泡着还是怎么着spend my days as a vegetable marinading in this shithole? Hmm?,话虽如此Yeah,- 但你还有意识 你可以 - 怎么- Your mind's not gone. You could still--- What?,在虚拟世界的天堂活着吗Live out my days in VR heaven?,不用了No,我并没有自愿选择来到这里I didn't choose to come into this world,但是我可选择离开but I can choose to go out.,我最后的一点选择权Final bit of control I have.,摆脱这个糟糕的现实世界To shuffle off this shitty mortal coil.,这肯定是在她体内停留过It has to have been her.,不然这里肯定还有人被感染着Otherwise--- Someone here is still infected.,我去Oh,她到底怎么回事So what the fuck happened to her?,她有一个暴露的伤口There is an entry wound.,她的眼睛被刺穿了The eye was punctured with force.,那就是她的死因That was the cause of death.,- 什么意思 - 李是被谋杀的- What do you mean? - Lee was murdered!,但那就意味着 我们其中一个人But that means... One of us... We...,舜Shun.,嘿Hey.,你做什么What are you doing,他和李在一起 身上沾满了她的血He was with her. He's covered in her blood.,瞬 你疯了 他都几乎走不了路You're insane. He can barely walk,泰勒也是 这可不妨碍他差点打爆了我的头Neither could Taylor. Didn't stop him trying to put a bullet in my head.,瞬 把枪放下 你现在根本不理智Shun,不理智 你刚说李是被谋杀的Not rational? You just said someone killed Lee.,还有别人有嫌疑吗Anyone else got a suspect?,- 他说的对 - 等等- He's right. - Wait.,你们不能这样You can't do this.,听着 我不可能伤害李Look,我们是朋友Okay? We were friends.,- 从什么时候开始的 - 从我们- Since when? - Since we...,我不能说出来I can't say anything,如果你想活命 就必须得说You're gonna have to if you wanna live.,洛根Logan.,抱歉 李Sorry,我们之前一起在研究We were working together.,如何检测出谁被寄生On a way of exposing the parasite.,你们怎么可能知道How could either of you possibly know how to do that?,李提出一个理论Lee had a theory.,有关记忆About memory.,埃里克真名不叫埃里克 是不是Eric's real name wasn't Eric. Right?,他偷了一个船员的名字 因为他记不得本名了He stole it from a crew member,还有泰勒and Taylor...,他忘了他是医护人员He forgot he was a medic.,李搞明白了 那东西会损坏你的大脑Lee figured it out. This thing,- 损坏海绵体 - 没错- With the hippocampus? - Yeah.,李和我简单讨论过Lee and I discussed it briefly.......

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