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起源号 Origin(第9集)中英字幕下载

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 住手Stop!,把它放下 凯蒂Put it down,对不起 我不是故意I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...,我们知道你做了什么 也知道你被感染了We know what you did. We know what you are.,不No.,- 不 不要 - 别动- No,不 不 不是那样的 我发誓不是那样的 我发誓No,不No!,抓住她Get her!,凯蒂Katie!,放开我Get off me!,抱歉了I'm sorry.,慈悲是最伟大的恩泽For there is no greater gift than mercy.,因为宽恕生于慈悲For it is from mercy that forgiveness can be born.,即使我们犯下过错 也能从宽恕中And it is from forgiveness that we can find peace,找到安宁with the wrongs done to us.,我们中有谁没有犯过错For which of us have never been wronged?,又有谁没有再过犯错And which of us have never wronged another?,现在走吧 然后好好想想这个Go now and think on this.,嗨 安迪Hi,你好 瑞秋Hello,有人吗 放我出去Hello! Let me out!,不No!,- 有人吗 - 不可能是她- Is anybody there? - It can't be her.,怎么着都不可能是她She's the last person that I ever...,这完全说不通啊Just,那我被感染就说得通了是吧Oh. Whereas me being infected did?,我们在凯蒂的房间里找到了手术刀We found the scalpel in Katie's room.,她又为什么要砸碎芯片呢Why else would she have smashed the chip?,那我们现在要怎么处置她So,还有一天就到西娅星了 只要把她关到我们抵达西娅星就行了We're a day from Thea. We just have to keep her locked up till arrival.,塞壬公司会处理她的SIREN can deal with her.,你认真的 她可是杀人犯啊Are you serious? We're talking about a murderer here.,等等 我说错了Oh,她就是个该死的外星人啊 你们却先考虑让她过得舒服点吗We're talking about a fucking alien,- 我们不能伤害她 鲍姆 - 你觉得李会同意吗- We can't hurt her,说得跟你多在乎李似的Like you cared about Lee.,我想见她I wanna see her.,我需要见她I need to.,洛根 你终于Logan,是你杀了李吗Did you kill Lee?,- 你怎么能说出这样的话 - 那你说我到底要怎么想- How can you ask me that? - What the hell am I supposed to think?,你应该相信我You're supposed to trust me.,我之前相信你了I did trust you.,然后你他妈就把芯片给砸了And then you smashed the fucking chip.,那是我们唯一一个能找出感染者的方法Our one way of finding out who was infected,而你他妈连一句解释都没给过我and you haven't even given me a goddamn explanation.,告诉我 你为什么要这么做Tell me! Why did you do it?,看着我Hey,求你了Please.,你他妈为什么这么做Why the fuck did you do it?,我不能说I can't.,行Fine.,那你就等着被塞壬公司的人收拾吧You're SIREN's problem now.,洛根Logan!,洛根Logan...,安德鲁Andrew!,抱歉我来得这么突然I'm sorry I just turned up.,但要是提前告诉你我会来的话 我可能也就不会来了But I thought if I told you I was coming,瑞秋Rachel...,没有电视什么的吗No screens or anything?,没有No.,- 与世隔绝 - 这是什么地方 安迪- No outside contact. - What is this place,你们全都住在这块无名之地上All of you out here in the middle of nowhere.,这里现在是我的家了It's my home now.,- 瑞秋 你是怎么找到我的 - 这重要吗- Rachel,- 还有我现在叫 凯蒂 了 - 什么- And it's "Katie" now. - What?,我不叫 瑞秋 了I don't go by "Rachel" anymore.,好吧Right.,凯蒂Katie.,听着 我知道这要求很过分Look,但我可以帮你 我可以but I can help out. I can...,要我做什么都行Whatever you need.,如果你愿意让我留下来的话If you're happy for me to stay.,你是我姐姐You're my sister.,重新开始Blank slate.,根本没有这样的事There's no such thing.,对吗Is there?,出事了Something's happening.,飞船The ship...,在变化It's changing.,雷伊 雷伊 出什么事了Rey? Rey,- 防护罩 - 什么- The shields... - What?,防护罩正在关闭The shields are closing.,什么意思What does that mean?,- 雷伊 - 等等- Rey? - Just wait.,那就是西娅星了 是不是That's it,西娅星Thea.,我们成功了We made it.,你到底想干啥What the hell do you want?,- 你还没看到 是吗 - 出去- You haven't seen it yet,行不行 我说真的Okay? I mean it.,你不可能知道的You couldn't have known.,她把我们所有人都骗了She fooled all of us.,是啊Yeah.,现在 快他妈瞅一眼窗外Now,操Fucking...,天呐Oh.
    - 那是 - 是的- Is that... - That's it.,卧槽Holy shit.,真他妈漂亮It's fucking beautiful.,等等 你看见那个了吗Wait,嘿Hey.,我想让你知道I wanted you to know...,我们成功了We made it.,它很美And it's beautiful.,我觉得你可能会想要这个I thought you might want this back.,我找到我的家了I've found my home.,你也应该和你家人在一起You should hold on to yours.,永别了 泰勒Goodbye,雷伊Rey!,- 雷伊 - 怎么了- Rey! - What's wrong?,你得过来看一眼 快You have to come see this. Come on.,- 你们也看到了吗 - 对- Did you guys see it,它看起来正在朝我们飞过来It looked like it was coming towards us.,那到底是什么玩意What the hell is that?,是空的It's empty.,那他妈是什么东西What the hell is that thing?,回来Get back.,快回来Get back.,这他妈是怎么了What the fuck is happening?,天呐Oh,它扩散到整艘飞船里了It's going through the whole damn ship.,那是什么What the hell was that?,怎么了What's going on?,它已经控制了这艘飞船It's taken control of the ship!,那些白色的闪光Those white flashes...,是在扫描我们 在扫描起源号It's scanning us. It's scanning the Origin.,扫描 干什么用的Scanning,外星生命体"Non-native life form"?,- 47号协议是什么鬼 - 我从来没听过- What the hell is Protocol 47? - I've never heard of it.,第九环形区怎么了What's happening to Ring 9?,我们得过去看看We have to get down there.,那些蓝色的光是什么What are those blue lights?,发生啥了What's happening?,出什么事了What is going on?,放我出去Let me out!,来人 有人在外面吗Somebody... Is there anybody there?,安德鲁Andrew!,你不用这么偷偷摸摸的You don't have to sneak around.,- 你要去哪 - 我有一场布道- Where are you going? - I have a sermon.,- 我能来吗 - 你- Can I come? - You?,要是这对你很重要的话 我也想参加If it's important to you,我不认为I don't think that...,我们接纳新人需要点时间It takes a bit of time for us to integrate people.,当然Of course.,好的 没事 我只是想做点什么Yeah,下次吧Next time.,谢谢Thank you.,他从没提过他家人的事He never mentioned any family.,他没提过吗He didn't?,有一个如此靠近上帝的弟弟一定感觉很不错吧It must be wonderful having a brother so close to the Lord.,别怕It's okay.,乖Come on.,别吓唬人了Stop posturing.,这就对了There you go.,它刚才只是出出风头He's just showing off.,实际上心里软得跟黄油似的Soft as butter on the inside.,你一定是那个姐姐You must be the sister.,我现在成全村人谈论的对象了吗Am I the talk of the village?,一个虔诚的人带回家了一名神秘的女性朋友God-fearing man brings a mysterious lady friend home.,- 你还期待人们怎么想 - 虔诚的人- How do you expect people to react? - "God-fearing...",抱歉 我是说Sorry,对我来说 他一直是安德鲁He's always been just "Andrew" to me.,我以前经常骑马I used to ride.,但时间太久了 久到我可能都忘了怎么骑了It's been so long I've probably forgotten how.,你不会忘的You don't forget.,想试一下吗Wanna give it a go?,凯蒂Katie.,神父Father...,一会儿见 凯蒂I'll see you later. Katie.,抱歉 我看见马之后就Sorry,我不想你和他说话I don't want you talking to him.,怎么 为什么What? Why?,他和我们其他人不一样He's not like the rest of us.,要是你想留在这儿 就得按我的规矩来If you want to stay here,好吗Okay?,好Okay.,第九环形区Ring 9.,这些线到底是什么意思 整艘船上全是What the hell are these lines? They run all through the ship.,妈的Shit!,这他妈什么鬼What the fuck is that?,某种东西被释放到环形区了 看起来像某种毒气Something's being released into the ring. It looks like gas.,毒气吗Gas?,这个是什么 这里What's that one? There.,- 雷伊 快点 - 我不知道- Rey,抱歉 我也不知道那是什么I'm sorry. I don't know what it is.,不管怎么样 它就在外面Well,博士 你他妈要干什么Doc,亨利Henri.,就是这儿 退后Here. Stand back.,- 拜托 你疯了吧 - 他妈的他在做什么- Come on! Fucking crazy! - What the fuck is he doing?,怎么回事What?,那后面什么都没有There is nothing behind here,博士 你在Doc,帮我一下Help me.,你们疯了吧This is insane!,亨利 那些是什么东西Henri,- 退后 - 为什么 为什么 那到底是啥玩意- Get back! - Why? Why? What the hell is it?,我在军方研制的神经性毒剂上看见过这个标志I've seen it on nerve agents developed by the military.......

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