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当邪恶潜伏时 Cuando acecha la maldad(2023)中英字幕下载

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 你听说了吗?Did you hear?,那是我们的土地吗?Is that our land?,不,它在森林里。No, it's in the forest.,也许Ruiz ?Maybe Ruiz?,还是某个偷猎者?Or some poacher?,不,偷猎者不会开枪这么多。No, a poacher doesn't shoot so much.,-我们要带上狗吗?-不,他们会看到我们的- Should we take the dogs? - No, they'll see us.,我数了三下。I counted three.,然后它停了下来。还有两个。Then it stopped. And two more.,他们不是在打猎。They are not hunting.,这不是步枪。It's not a rifle.,这是一把左轮手枪。It's a revolver.,穿件外套。Get a coat.,是在这里还是在鲁伊斯家?Was it here or at Ruiz's?,它就在附近。It was near.,我们将在黎明出发。We'll leave at dawn.,当邪恶潜伏时WHEN EVIL LURKS,大便。Shit.,彪马?A puma?,有一只大家伙在附近游荡。There was a big one stalking around.,它吃了鲁伊斯的山羊。It ate Ruiz's goats.,这不是鲁伊斯吗?Isn't this Ruiz?,他在猎美洲狮。He was hunting the puma.,他输给了那只猫。He lost to the cat.,不。No.,这家伙被锋利的东西割伤了。This guy was cut with something sharp.,我们该怎么办?What do we do?,我们必须报告。We have to report it.,这些是一些东西的碎片。These are pieces of something.,我在什么地方见过这个。I've seen this somewhere.,这是干什么用的?What is it for?,我不知道,兄弟。I don't know, brother.,我们现在在鲁伊兹家。We are at Ruiz's now.,我们必须告诉他。We have to tell him.,还是警察?Or the police?,如果凶手是鲁伊斯呢?What if the killer is Ruiz?,他当场抓住他偷东西,把他杀了。He caught him stealing and killed him.,鲁伊斯不会把人切成两半的,闭嘴。Ruiz wouldn't cut someone in half, shut up.,他把他切开,让他消失,He cuts him up, making him disappear,,把他喂猪……-鲁伊斯怎么了?feeding him to the pigs... -What happened with Ruiz?,为什么?Why?,鲁伊斯是不是出了什么事你没告诉我?Did something happen with Ruiz that you are not telling me?,他不喜欢我们。He doesn't like us.,他不喜欢你!He doesn't like you!,他要走了……He was going...,还是来了。or coming.,他在抄近路去山上。He was taking a shortcut to the hill.,去玛丽亚·埃琳娜家。To Maria Elena's house.,他是你的亲戚吗?Was he a relative?,这是什么语言?What's this language?,我看过这个。I've seen this.,-可能是俄语?——俄罗斯?- Russian maybe? - Russian?,看,玛丽亚·埃琳娜·戈麦斯。Look, Maria Elena Gomez.,这些狗怎么了?What's going on with these dogs?,你好,玛丽亚·埃琳娜。Hi, Maria Elena.,你好吗?How are you?,好久不见。Long time no see.,我们在这里We are here,关于昨晚的枪声,你听到了吗?about last night's gun shots, did you hear them?,我们带着吉米和狗四处张望,We looked around with Jimmy and the dogs,,附近。nearby.,我们找到一个你可能认识的人。We found someone you may know.,你在等人吗?Were you waiting for someone?,因为他……Because he...,他不会成功的。he won't make it.,他有个问题。He had a problem.,他什么时候到?When will he arrive?,他一定早就到了。He must have arrived long ago.,我们在等他。We are waiting for him.,让他来对付我儿子。For him to deal with my son.,乌列?Uriel?,是的。Yes.,他必须杀了我儿子。He has to kill my son.,他必须杀了乌列。He has to kill Uriel.,他被附身了,He is possessed,,他已经堕落很久了。he's been rotten for a long time.,我们在等他们把他处理掉。We were waiting for them to dispose of him.,是我的错。It's my fault.,我想通过祈祷I thought that by praying,我们就能治好他。we would be able to heal him.,我们为圣人点了一支蜡烛We lit a candle to the Saint-,教堂已经死了,夫人。Churches are dead, ma'am.,死了。Dead.,我们害怕说话。We were afraid of speaking.,害怕被鲁伊斯和邻居们赶出这片土地。Afraid of getting kicked off the land by Ruiz and the neighbors.,我们什么都没有。We have nothing.,我们没有地方可去。We have no place to go.,我们以为我们能治好他。We thought we could heal him.,我们照顾了他,所以他没死。We took care of him so he didn't die.,这样他们就可以杀了他。So they can kill him.,但是花的时间太长了。But it's taking too long.,你报告了吗?Have you reported this?,一年前,或者更早。A year ago, or more.,一年?A year?,你告诉谁了?Who did you tell?,那位女士的儿子?The lady's son?,是的,大一点的那个。Yes, the older one.,她没跟我说话。你呢,局长?She didn't speak to me. And to you, Superintendent?.
    你看到他了吗?Did you see him?,好。Well.,你看到了什么?What did you see?,告诉我。Tell me.,你以前见过烂人吗?Have you ever seen a rotten before?,所以呢?So?,你怎么知道的?How do you know?,正如他们所说,古铁雷斯,As they say, Gutierrez,,当你看到一个,你就知道了。when you see one, you know it.,我们知道,很简单。And we knew it, easy.,你喝醉了。You are under the influence.,很多被附身的案例都是假的。Many cases of possessed ones are fake.,而我们却在这里,荒无人烟的地方And we are here, in the middle of nowhere-,乌列要死了!Uriel is dying!,他肿了,他是一个脓球。He is swollen, he is a ball of pus.,把市长带来。Bring the Mayor.,把电话给我。Give me the phone.,打电话给他。Call him.,把号码给我,我去办,没问题。Give me the number, I'll do it, no problem.,他必须面对这一点。He must face this.,没人告诉我该怎么做。Nobody tells me what to do.,尤其是你,亚祖洛。Especially you, Yazurlo.,尤其是你。Especially you.,花了一年时间。It took a year.,整整一年过去了,你昨天才把清洁工送来。A whole year passed and you only sent the cleaner yesterday.,不要提高嗓门。Don't raise your voice.,没人跟我说过这件事。Nobody spoke to me about this.,你的日子又不好过了。You'll have a hard time, again.,你不相信我,是吗?You don't believe me, do you?,离开他。Leave him.,给我个理由把你关起来。Give me an excuse to lock you up.,你不会轻易脱身的,疯子。You won't get out easily, lunatic.,简单,兄弟。Easy, brother.,我们发现清洁工死了。We found the cleaner dead.,我们找到他的时候他已经支离破碎了,你还不明白吗?We found him in pieces, don't you get it?,这类案件是有规定的。There's a protocol for cases like this.,我们打电话给公共卫生部门,让他们解决这个问题。We call, Public Health comes and they solve it.,完成了。Done.,这就是我们要做的。That's what we'll do.,你爱怎么做就怎么做。Do as you like.,为什么清洁工会被杀?Why was the cleaner killed?,谁?Who?,鲁伊斯杀了他?Ruiz killed him?,鲁伊斯?Ruiz?,我怀疑一切。I doubt everything.,我们在世界的尽头。We are at the end of the world.,为什么这里会有被附身的人?Why would there be a possessed one here?,你在说什么?What are you saying?,他们不会来看尸体的。They won't come and see the body.,他们告诉我,即使是烂的也不行。Not even the rotten, they told me.,他们说这不是他们的问题。They said it's not their problem.,他们洗了手。They washed their hands.,但有人杀了他,鲁伊斯。But someone killed him, Ruiz.,有人试图阻止清洁工Someone trying to prevent the cleaner,去玛丽亚家的路上from reaching Maria's place.,市长呢?And the Mayor?,他们打电话给他。They called him.,他一年前就知道了。He knew, a year ago.,他就这么算了。He just let it pass.,他说他认为这个问题已经解决了。He said he thought it was already solved.,他们让我们不要说话,They asked us not to speak,,否则我们会被标记,这地方就一文不值了。or we'll be marked and this place will be worthless.,一个鬼城,鲁伊斯。A ghost town, Ruiz.,我们失去了一切。We lose everything.,他们建议我们先离开,直到他们从…They suggested we leave until they send a new cleaner from...,铁道部。the Ministry.,什么时候?When?,他们没说。They didn't say.,没时间了,乌列快死了,There's no time, Uriel is about to die,,我们等不及清洁工了。we can't wait for a cleaner.,离开,Leave,,闭上嘴close our mouths,而离开。and leave.,我们得武装自己。We'll have to arm ourselves.,手臂自己?Arm ourselves?,反对什么?Against what?,我的狗一个月前就走了。My dogs left a month ago.,他们四个。The four of them.,他们说,首先他们会让动物发疯。First they make the animals go crazy, they say.,他们甚至会让死者发疯。Then they even make the deceased crazy.,我们该怎么办?What shall we do?,我们必须做点什么。Something, we have to do something.,也许我们得把这些都拍卖掉。Maybe we have to auction everything off.,在这事传播开来之前离开。Leave before this goes viral.,天真的兄弟。The naive brothers.,这是个圈套。This was a set up.,是国家。It was the State.,他们想要我的土地。They want my land.,这就是他们抛弃我们的原因,他们不关心我们。That's why they abandon us, they don't care about us.,一个被附身的人。A possessed one here.,我从没想过会这样。I never imagined this.,阿曼多,你要去哪里?Armando, where are you going?,不要做傻事。Don't do something stupid.,圣玛丽!Holy Mary!,Ruiz先生。Mr. Ruiz.,天啊,你在干什么?God, what are you doing?,你在干什么?What are you doing?,娘……Motherfuckers...,不,No,,看看他们带来了什么。look what they brought.,他们把最恶心的东西带到我的土地上。They brought the foulest thing to my land.,不要开枪。Don't shoot.......