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毒战2 독전2(2023)英文字幕下载

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 Do you know Lee's face, name, or age? Or even gender?,You're crazy.,I'm putting Team Two on the case. You're out.,I'm going to catch Lee.,You want to catch Mr. Lee?,Do it. I'll help you.,The survivor's name is Seo Young-rak.,Among the dead was a female factory worker.,He is her son.,Did Mr. Lee really do this?,Who is Mr. Lee?,Let's go get Mr. Lee.,There's a salt factory in Taean.,There are two chemists, both geniuses.,But they were born with problems communicating.,Say "hello." This is Brian, the director.,Brian? He wasn't on the list.,LEE IN-MU, DIRECTOR,YONGSAN STATION,Welcome, Chairman Jin.,I am indeed Mr. Lee.,I know Mr. Lee.,When you obsess over one person for a long fucking time,,you develop this inexplicable and odd conviction.,So, why doesn't it feel real to me?,What is it?,Mr. Lee sent this.,You supposedly sent it here. Yet you don't know?,MR. LEE,You son of a bitch.,Get up, asshole.,What the hell are you all doing?,But your biggest mistake,was your delusion that you could genuinely become Mr. Lee.,And your reckless bravado, pretending to be Mr. Lee in front of me.,I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart,for my delusion and reckless bravado, so please--,MR. LEE,Shit.,I told you that I had faith in you.,You ended up catching him.,You little...,Mr. Lee is heading to the first floor.,Shouldn't we report this?,Move! Move aside!,- What the... - Someone must've fainted.,Oh no.,Laika.,Damn it.,We have to make a quick stop.,RECIPIENT INSTITUTE: GB SAENARA BANK,RECIPIENT: KIM JAE-SEOK (HAEMYEONG PARK COLUMBARIUM),The sources of Ewoo Shipping's funds.,With both dead, Brian will lose his sources of funds.,That means he won't have any money to repay Jin Ha-rim's gang.,He can pay back with Laika.,You idiot. We failed to make it.,Don't you remember seeing that mess?,Fuck.,The police took all the raw materials.,Who told you about these punks?,Park Sun-chang.,MR. LEE,He said it before he lost his arm.,That son of a bitch. We should've cut off both his arms.,Well, why didn't you kill Brian?,He's still useful.,His raw material factories are all over the country.,We must get our hands on the raw materials first and make Laika.,AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY,And?,Lee will come.,Do you know where Lee is?,I'll find out soon.,I sent an invitation in Bo-ryeong's hand yesterday.,Do you think Lee will like the invitation?,If it's the Lee I know...,then she'll lead us,to the place,where the real Lee is.,DALIAN,Those fuckers.,It's over 99% pure.,Good grief.,Ewoo Shipping.,They contacted our gang,prior to expanding their business to China.,After that, Director Ha-rim visited Korea, checked their product himself,,and then signed a deal to purchase 5 kg of Laika.,We also provided the raw materials to manufacture the product.,So they did make 5 kg of Laika,,but it was confiscated by the Korean police.,It's pretty much gone now.,How much material did we hand over?,About 20 billion at current rates, in Korean won.,Who was the proxy for Ewoo Shipping in this contract?,Here.,SEO YOUNG-RAK.
    So our great director, Jin Ha-rim,,provided them with 20 billion worth of material,,only for him to return dead with just this sample in his hand?,A great fucking job.,I received a report that they confirmed,seeing 5 kg of Laika, just like that sample.,So it looks like Ewoo Shipping did actually make the product.,When do we need to get this to the buyer?,We have about 15 days left.,Call them and tell them not to worry. That we'll meet the deadline.,But we're almost out of the raw materials.,Last time, Director Ha-rim,grabbed everything he could find and took it all to Seoul.,Do you plan on going to Korea yourself?,I should go.,I should go teach them what happens if they dare to cross us.,Please tell me the evidence number.,Sure, evidence number 13 from Yongsan Station.,Excuse me, Detective.,Let me just see if it turns on.,- I'll just scan the barcode. - Sure, wait.,Damn it.,Are you still certain it's Seo Young-rak?,Why are you so obsessed with him? I really don't get it.,By any chance...,is it because of Dong-woo and Soo-jung?,Good work.,See how it goes.,A doctor already stopped by.,I'm with the Department of Neurology.,Let me see the chart.,Hallelujah.,I froze your accounts immediately,,but they were already fully withdrawn.,It looked like Seo Young-rak's doing.,Our dear Mr. Seo Young-rak must be dying to get some attention.,I lost the war,,so I was bound to lose it as spoils of war.,There is no need to dwell on it.,So, when will she arrive from China?,She's expected to arrive in two days on a day flight.,That traveler...,will lead us to the promised land.,Put our team on this case.,Do you think we're here to pick a meal at a Chinese restaurant?,All matters concerning Ewoo Shipping were transferred to Central Investigation.,We can always cooperate, can't we?,Our current case is nearly done, so we can handle it.,Ever seen a regional squad on a drunken assault case?,Take it easy. Consider it a reward.,There's no reason at all for me to be rewarded.,Why not? You captured the infamous Mr. Lee.,How many times do I have to tell you? Brian is not Mr. Lee.,Are you still on that? You still think Seo Young-rak is Mr. Lee?,The police seized Laika worth over 20 billion won,from the Yongsan incident, Commissioner.,Also, two directors in charge of his slush funds were abducted.,Isn't it obvious who's behind this? Mr. Lee is still standing strong.,It's out of our hands.,Don't dig into, touch, or even think about it.,What if the real Mr. Lee is caught? What will you do then?,My specialty is bowing my fucking head in front of the cameras.,But if you cause trouble again by trying to catch Mr. Lee,,- bowing won't be enough. - Commissioner!,There's only one reason I let you off for the death of that girl and Dong-woo.,You caught Mr. Lee.,So end this at Yongsan Station while I'm still being nice.,Do you punks think this is your bedroom? Haven't you learned to knock?,Check out what's on TV.,...was killed, and together they escaped the hospital.,Lee was known as Mr. Lee,,the boss of the biggest drug ring in Asia.,During an internal conflict...,Seriously.,WELCOME TO KOREA SEOB SO-CHEON,NAME: SEOB SO-CHEON,You look nicer than the photo,and much more beautiful in person.,Do you know who I am?,Of course I do.,Director Seob So-cheon.,In China, instead of using your name,,people call you Big Knife.,So, where's all the Laika?,Regrettably, at this moment,,everything has been seized by the police.,They were like my own children.,It feels like the sky has fallen in.,And you have no plans to repay if you don't have the product?,Of course, that was my initial plan.,But I ran into an unexpected roadblock.,Two of my directors suddenly disappeared.,At the same time,,the Laika raw materials we secretly hid also went missing.,What a long-winded story.,In conclusion,,you don't have the product, money, or raw materials.,So, why am I here to see you today?,Mr. Seo Young-rak.,Not only does he currently have the product and the money in his hands,,but he's the only chemist who can manufacture the finest Laika.,On top of that, I have an ample amount of raw materials in Thailand.......

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